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You MUST fill out a Medical Questionnaire with ANY program that we offer

NOTE: Schedule Is Subject To Change Without Prior Notice 



On the right you will find a list of available dates to take the Open Water Diver class and certification. These dates are only for the Open Water Diver course. All other classes are scheduled up on request.


Thank you for inquiring about the Colorado Scuba Diving, Scuba Certification.

We are located in Fort Collins, Colorado and train out of city of Fort Collins EPIC center.  We offer the most comprehensive and thorough SCUBA training and education available.  Classes are interesting, informative, and fun!

Check the "Your Scuba Training" page for more information.


  • CSDA provides all equipment necessary for training and certification

  • Student is required to purchase PADI Student Packet. Can be done throuhg us.

  • Student responsible for entry fee at Homestead Crater, UT or Blue Hole, NM, depending on where Open Water checkout dives are each month


Students must fill out a student folder with some forms and releases.  

PADI RSTC Medical form can be found HERE.  Answer each medical question with "NO" or "YES". If there is a "YES", your Physician must clear you for diving and you'll need to complete the second page of the form and have your physician sign it before you are allowed to participate in the pool and open water.


Open Water checkout dives are conducted at the Homestead Crater in Midway, UT or the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM.   Students complete 4 training dives under close supervision, and after successful completion of the dives, students are awarded a lifetime ticket to enjoy the underwater world with the PADI Open Water Diver certification.   Cards will arrive in the mail from PADI headquarters in about two weeks. Temporary cards (if traveling for vacation sooner) can be issued right away.


  • CLICK HERE to watch a 3min video that explains the entire course process 

  • CLICK HERE or HERE to see a typical certification trip schedule.


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2021 Available Dates:

  • January 9-10 Class and Pool EPIC

  • January 2-3 OW Checkout Dives


  • February 6-7 Class and Pool EPIC

  • February 20-21 OW Checkout Dives


  • March 6-7 Class and Pool EPIC

  • March N/A OW Checkout Dives


  • April 10-11 Class and Pool EPIC

  • April N/A OW Checkout Dives


  • May 1-2 Class and Pool

  • May 8-9 OW Checkout Dives (FULL)

  • June 12-13 Class and Pool

  • June 5-6 OW Checkout Dives

  • June 26-27 OW Checkout Dives


  • July 10-11 Class and Pool EPIC

  • July 24-25 OW Checkout Dives


  • August 7-8 Class and Pool EPIC

  • August 28-29 OW Checkout Dives

  • September TBD Class and Pool EPIC

  • September 11-12 OW Checkout Dives


  • October TBD Class and Pool EPIC

  • October 23-24 OW Checkout Dives

  • November TBD Class and Pool EPIC

  • November TBD Checkout Dives


  • December TBD Class and Pool EPIC

  • December TBD OW Checkout Dives