The  Crater  Certification  Page

Hello To All of Our Students

We hope you are all excited for the upcoming certification trip. Soon you are going to be certified to dive ANYWHERE in the world!


Below you’ll find some information on the upcoming Certification trip to the Crater and example of a typical itinerary.  The actual time is determined based on what we are able to reserve. 

Students complete 4 training dives under close supervision, and after successful completion of the dives, students are awarded a lifetime ticket to enjoy the underwater world with the PADI Open Water Diver certification.   Cards will arrive in the mail from PADI headquarters in about two weeks. Temporary cards (if traveling for vacation sooner) can be issued right away.


To finish your certification you are required to complete 4 open water dives.  We will conduct these dives over the course of 2 days, normally Saturday and Sunday.  We will meet everyone at The Crater's Activity center or at the Homestead Crater Resort lobby.  The meet and dive times change from trip to trip, depending on what we were able to reserve (please verify the times with us, if you are signed up for a trip to the Crater)  


The Crater's Address is:

700 Homestead Dr, Midway, UT 84049

Activity Center Phone Number: (435) 657-3840‬

It takes about 6-7 hours to drive from Fort Collins to the address above (on a nice day!)



The Zermatt Resort gives our divers a discount and it is right across the street from where we dive.

All you need to do to get the discounted fare is call the number below and tell them that you are coming to dive with Colorado Scuba Diving Academy.  The discounted rate changes depending on the time of the year we arrive.

Call This Number: 435-709-9547 to make your reservations.


  • Anyone who is looking for ride-sharing or room-sharing, please contact us and we will get you connected with each other.


Things you will need to bring:

  • The average water temperature at the Crater is 95 year-round.  Bring a T-shirt and shorts to dive with

  • Your Logbook

  • Towel

  • Drinking water

  • Sunscreen

  • Possibly a bathrobe or big towel

  • sweats and flip flops to wear/dry clothes  

We provide all the necessary dive equipment for the weekend, you just need to pick it up prior to the weekend.

If you don't pick up your equipment from us, you will need to rent it on location for an additional cost (whatever the local shop charges you)

Very Important to Keep in Mind:

​The Crater is privately owned and there is an entry fee, that we all need to pay prior to our diving time.

You are also required to fill out and sign a waiver prior to entering the crater. 

Scuba Equipment Use Agreement Form (you don’t need it if we already got it from you during your class&pool):

Please CLICK HERE for the "Scuba Equipment Use Agreement".  Print it out, sign it and bring it with you (one form per person).  YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANY EXTRA FOR THE USE OF BORROWED SCUBA EQUIPMENT!!!

However, you are still responsible for the equipment you’ll be receiving and for returning it when required. In case of loss, breakage, etc. you will be responsible for the fees associated with repairs or replacement of the equipment (you will only be charged our cost and not the full retail value).

  • We provide all the necessary dive equipment for the weekend, you just need to pick it up prior to the weekend. Gear pick-up days and times are usually Thursday and Friday, from 3 pm to 6 pm, the week of your certification trip.


The Schedule For The Weekend Is As Follows:


  • Meet for orientation and dive briefing

  • Assemble gear and get ready for the dive

  • Enter the crater and do Dive 1

  • Surface Interval inside the crater

  • Perform Dive 2

  • Exit the crater and disassemble the gear

  • Go out for dinner and off for the night



  • Meet for briefing and assembling equipment

  • Enter the crater and do Dive 3

  • Surface Interval inside the crater

  • Perform Dive 4 and Congratulations, you are certified!!!

  • Exit the crater and disassemble the gear

  • Debrief the dives, log, and sign logbooks by your instructors.

  • Hit the road back to Colorado or continue your adventure!


See You Soon,

Samuel, Kent and CSDA Team