The Founders

Samuel Bachar
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
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Kent Rychel
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
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Hello Students and Welcome To The World Of Scuba Diving!


Life long Educators, Trainers and Guides, Kent Rychel and Samuel Bachar created CSDA in order to provide true customer service, the very best educational opportunities, top gear at reasonable prices, unique and fabulous travel opportunities, a flexible and tailored training schedule, and excellent value for students pursuing certification or additional skill training.


Students are able to use cutting edge, well fitting gear in order to work on buoyancy skills, body positioning and control, and various propulsion techniques while they rehearse basic safety skills.


All PADI standards are met as required. CSDA affords students a deeper understanding of the physics and physiology of scuba diving, as well as a very detailed look into the specialized and essential dive equipment.  Creative, customized and progressive diving programs are available. Private classes can also be taught onsite for students with the appropriate facilities.


The main training pool is very large and 13 feet deep, and classrooms are relaxed and enjoyable with very informational and challenging presentations.


PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the world's largest and most recognized Scuba Certification Agency. PADI has conducted extensive research to develop training programs and standards, educational material, networking, referral programs, and quality control for students and Instructors.


CSDA's PADI certified Instructors are experienced educators who use a challenging yet flexible program, designed to meet the standards set by PADI.  The programs are tailored to also meet the student's specific needs and to afford ample opportunity for practice, fine tuning technique.

Colorado Scuba Diving Academy is reinventing dive training with the goal of creating safe, life long, passionate, knowledgeable, competent and confident divers.


The future of diving rests on the fin-tips of our students! 


Kent Rychel and Samuel Bachar


Colorado Scuba Diving Academy

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