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Our Philosophy to Diving is What Sets Us Apart

Samuel Bachar and Kent Rychel owners of Colorado Scuba Diving Academy

Welcome To The World Of Scuba Diving!

Scuba Diving is an immensely enjoyable avocation that combines adventure, knowledge, skills, and self-discipline.  It is critical that those who choose to pursue the sport are properly prepared for a hostile environment. Humans were not meant to spend much time underwater, but thanks to technology, we are able to enjoy the mysteries of the last frontier on this planet.


SCUBA has a great safety record, but it is still an inherently dangerous sport. Without the proper knowledge, skill development, and practice, a diver can make poor decisions. The consequences of poor decision-making can be extreme. 


How do we SCUBA dive safely? How do we do it gracefully and with style? Can we observe the delicate reef systems without destroying them in the process?

The answers lie in the quality of the training and education provided to the new student, and the ability to practice and rehearse for the certified diver. A PADI Certification Card is not the goal. Becoming a skilled, knowledgeable, responsible,

and self-sufficient diver is the goal. Achieving the C-Card is a reward for the experience. The SCUBA Diving Industry has agreed on a set of minimum standards over the years. The idea was to set a baseline that no Certification Agency would ever dip below. The problem is, with the idea of getting the job done fast, dive shops and instructors started teaching only to those baseline standards. CSDA will not accept teaching to the baseline as our end result. We meet all minimum standards and then afford extremely thorough training, education and practice.

There are basic fundamentals that should be taught to new divers over and above the agency required survival skill set:

Every SCUBA diver should understand diving's dynamic physics and the effects of pressure that the weight of water has on the diver and every piece of equipment and the surroundings.

Every SCUBA diver should understand how pressure and breathing air under pressure affect human physiology.

Every SCUBA diver should understand how a liquid environment is temperamental and can change quickly, and how to plan for and how to adapt to the changes.

Every SCUBA diver should thoroughly understand the specialized SCUBA equipment.  It's design and purpose, its function and fit.

Every SCUBA diver should be able to plan a safe and realistic dive, stick to buddy team protocols, stay calm and collected, and rely on a foundation of training and education.

Every SCUBA diver should have excellent buoyancy control, body awareness, proper attitude (trim) in the water, and should master a variety of kicks for propulsion and control.

We have designed a program that promotes the safety and well-being of the student, before, during, and after instruction and training. The attributes of our Instructors are the following: SkilledExperienced, Patient, Ethical, Informed, Sincere, Sets a strong curriculum, Cares about each individual student, Disciplined, Has passion, Communicates well, Observes well, Recognizes problems immediately then reacts and corrects quickly, gently, fluidly, Meets all agency requirements, Makes sure each student meets all requirements, Excellent demonstrator of skills.

Colorado Scuba Diving Academy is proud to offer the finest SCUBA dive training and education available.  We stand behind this assertion because comparatively, our students are given more information and thorough information in the classroom and more time and more opportunity to practice underwater swimming, buoyancy, and skills in the pool.  We work with each student's skills as a diver, not just a survivor.


From the groundbreaking audio/visual presentation in the classroom to the huge pool which provides realistic and challenging training, CSDA has reinvented the SCUBA certification experience. Read our Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews, then come and experience the difference for yourself.


With over 60 years of combined experience, we know, care, and understand, that the future of diving rests on the quality of training that our students receive! If you want the absolute best education and training, a personal relationship with the instructor, the company, and the owner's, continued advice, coaching, and caring, then come to Colorado Scuba Diving Academy.

We are your dive buddies,

Samuel Bachar and Kent Rychel

Co-Founders of Colorado Scuba Diving Academy

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