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Meet Samuel Bachar and Kent Rychel, the dynamic duo and co-founders of Colorado Scuba Diving Academy (CSDA). With a shared passion for the underwater world, they've embarked on a mission to redefine the art of scuba diving and cultivate a community of skilled, responsible, and self-sufficient divers.

Driven by the belief that proper preparation is essential in a hostile underwater environment, Samuel and Kent have dedicated themselves to delivering top-tier training and education to their students. They understand that scuba diving is not just an exhilarating adventure, but a responsibility to respect and preserve the delicate reef systems.


At CSDA, Samuel and Kent elevate students' awareness by providing a more in-depth understanding of the agency's minimum standards. They believe in providing thorough and comprehensive training, ensuring each student gains a deep understanding of diving's dynamic physics, human physiology under pressure, and the adaptability required in a liquid environment. Their program encompasses everything a true diver should know, from mastering specialized scuba equipment to planning safe and realistic dives with strong adherence to buddy team protocols.

Buoyancy control, body awareness, and various propulsion techniques are also emphasized to develop well-rounded and skilled divers.   As instructors, Samuel and Kent possess an impressive array of attributes that set them apart. Skilled, experienced, and patient, they create a sincere and disciplined learning environment. Their passion for diving shines through, as they observe, recognize, and address any challenges their students may face with quick and gentle corrections.


At CSDA, the emphasis is not just on survival skills but on molding divers who possess an exceptional understanding of the underwater world. With groundbreaking audio/visual presentations and a large pool for realistic and challenging training, Samuel and Kent have redefined the SCUBA certification experience.  With over 60 years of combined experience, Samuel and Kent are true experts in their field. They believe that the future of diving relies on the quality of training students receive. They prioritize building personal relationships with their students, providing ongoing advice, coaching, and genuine care.


As your dive buddies, Samuel Bachar and Kent Rychel invite you to experience the difference at Colorado Scuba Diving Academy. For the absolute best education, training, and a community that fosters growth and respect for the underwater world, look no further than CSDA. Dive in and explore the mysteries of the last frontier on this planet under the guidance of these dedicated co-founders.  Click Here to see what others say about CO Scuba Diving Academy.

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