Divers Alert Network

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a non-profit organization devoted to assisting divers in need. It is supported by donations, grants, and membership dues. Its research department conducts medical research on recreational scuba diving safety while its medicine department helps divers to find answers to their diving medical questions.


All Rights for the information on this page are Reserved to Divers Alert Network (DAN).

Below you'll find a comprehensive health & diving reference library, with information on general fitness and medically related topics that most commonly affect divers. Use this page ONLY as a source of information. If you have any concerns regarding diving and a medical condition, you should consult your doctor before engaging in any scuba diving related activity. 

Colorado Scuba Diving Academy reserve the right to refuse to take someone diving or to stop a dive in progress, if we deem there could be a danger to anyone’s safety. 


We don't go diving ANYWHERE without DAN divers and travel insurance in our wallet. You should consider becoming a DAN member and getting a diver's and travel insurance. Follow the links below, to take you directly to the desired webpage

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A quick reference guides to health and safety issues most relevant to divers.

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Giant Stride.png

GIANT STRIDE: This 52-page guide, is the ideal resource for new divers and includes info about dive equip., dive planning, u/w health and more.


7 MISTAKES DIVERS MAKE AND HOW TO AVOID THEM: Safety guidelines and how to dive in a conscientious and responsible manner?


BEAT THE SQUEEZE AND EQUALIZE LIKE A PRO: 6 techniques and tips to equalize your ears with a greater ease. Understand how pressure effect you ears.

Run OUt of Air.png

13 WAYS TO RUN OUT OF AIR & HOW NOT TO: Most common ways to run out of air, how much air do you really need? and safety tips to prevent emergencies.


KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. HOW TO PLAN YOUR DIVE TRIP? Dive travel packing list, preparation timeline, tips for health and safety and gear care guidelines. 


These are comprehensive dives into general fitness and medical topics that most commonly affect divers.

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EARS & DIVING: Use this guide to learn everything about the ears and how they are affected by pressure. Techniques to equalize and prevent an injury.


DECOMPRESSION SICKNESS: What is DCS? How do I know if I have it? How to prevent it and avoid a day in the recompression chamber?


THE HEART & DIVING: How does diving affect your circulatory system? Can I dive while taking statin? learn everything about your heart and scuba diving.


HAZARDOUS MARINE LIFE: Did you have a harmful encounter with an u/w organism? Feeling sick after eating seafood? What to do and how to avoid it.