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PADI Open Water Diver Students

Open Water Diver


Being an open water diver will open the door for you to the underwater world. This course is comprised of two parts and they are described in detail below 

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Being a scuba diver is an extremely rewarding avocation. Our world is 75% covered with water and the ticket to exploring the underwater world is the Open Water Diver Certification (OWDC). The course is made out of 2 parts. Part 1, the Class & Pool, and Part 2, the Open Water Dives. In part 1 you will learn the theory of diving and practice skills in a pool. You will prepare for part 1 at home, with your course materials and the course video. Once you successfully complete part 1, you will advance to part 2, where you will implement everything that you learn in open water.  If you wish, you can do part 1 with us, then take a Referral Form, and complete your open water dives with a different PADI dive center.


This is where the adventure begins.  When you sign up for your course, you will receive your course materials to take home and begin your home study. You will need to review your book and the course video. You will do all of that prior to the first day of class. We offer 2 options to get your Open Water Diver Certification.


We offer group classes on weekends. Both days of the weekend are devided into two parts. The first part starts at 7:30a in the classrom around 11:30a. We break for one hour for lunch and then meet at the pool for the second part at 12:30. The pool portion ends approximatly around 4pm.

At the end of the second day you will need to swim 200 yd (whatever style and no time limit). You can opt to do the swim with mask, fins, and snorkel, but will be required to swim 300 yd. In addition to the swim, you will need to do a 10min float in water too-deep-to-stand.


Once you complete this weekent succsessfuly, you will be ready for you ope water dives or we can write your referral, to do your dives with another dive center. 


When you choose the private class option, we will tailor a schedule that works spesifically for you (as long as it is not conflicting with the rest of our schedule). You will be doing the academics with the PADI eLearning program, and we will take care of your pool training (frontal presentation is also available for extra charge. If you are interested, please ask us about it). When you fulfil all the requierments, we will write your referral for your open water dives. With this option you'll have your private instructor, and the max participants is 4 students (unless you are a cohesive group).



Once you complete part 1, the Class & Pool portion of your course, you will need to do 4 dives in open water with an instructor, and implement some of what you learned during part 1 of your course, while diving.  There are 5 options for where this portion of your course will take place, and it depends on the option of class you choose and the seasons.

R E F E R R A L (Where you'll be going)

To our students who have no travel plans, we can write a referral to The Crater in Midway, UT (or Blue Hole, NM) and help you with the arrangements. If you have travel plans, you will need to coordinate it with another PADI dive center at your travel destination. They will take over and do the certification dives with you.  We can help you with that as well, just don't forget to ask.

G E T  C E R T I F I E D  ON AN  E X O T I C  I S L A N D

80/80! Water 80 degrees / Visibility 80 feet. If you signed up for our certification trip special to on a dive trip, then these will be the conditions you are going to be diving in.  This option is available a number of times throughout the year and the details can be found on our Travel Webpage

L O C A L  L A K E S

Not likely, but his option is sometimes available during the summer month when the right conditions are present and allows us to conduct training dives in a safe manner. 



To reserve your spot on the roster call or text 970-286-0072


Option ONE



  • Class & Pool (Part 1)

  • Course Materials (PADI eLearning)

  • Dive Gear for Pool Practice

  • Referral Forms

  • Pool Practice Voucher ($25)*


Option TWO



  • Pool Practice

  • PADI eLearning Course

  • Dive Gear for Pool Practice

  • Referral Forms

  • Pool Practice Voucher ($25)*


Option THREE

ON A  D I V E  T R I P

  • Class & Pool Practice

  • Certification Dives

  • Dive Gear for Pool Practice

  • Lodging&Diving In Coz.

  • Pool Practice Voucher ($25)*

  • And more...

Coming Soon

* You must be certified in order to use your voucher. "Pool Practice" is also known aScuba Challenge


  • Class and Pool training

  • Referral forms (when applicable)

  • Study materials (PADI eLearning)

  • Equipment for pool training

  • One pool practice voucher ($25 value)

  • A lifetime PADI Certification Card

  • Lodging in Cozumel (when applicable)

  • Dives in Cozumel (when applicable)


  • Transportation to open water dive sites

  • Lodging at an open water dive site (unless on a cert. trip to Cozumel)

  • Entry and parking fees to open water dive sites (when applicable)

  • Meals

  • Equipment rental (only when on a cert. trip to Cozumel)

Required Forms:

ALL PADI programs require the submission of a medical questionnaire.  Please review the questions first.  ONLY if any of these questions apply to you (you answered with YES), we must request you consult a physician prior to participating in a scuba program. If you need to see a physician, please Click Here to download and print the official medical form. 

Have your physician sign-on page #2 and clear you for diving. Bring page #2 with your and your physician's info and signature, on the first day of your program (You don't need to see your physician if you can answer NO on all of the questions). We WON'T be able to let you in the water unless we have these forms on file on the first day of class.

Typical Weekend Itinerary

You will receive an email with the schedule and instructions for the weekend, a few days before your class. If you haven't gotten any notice of a schedule change, then your weekend schedule will look something like this.



  • 7:30 am meet at our location: 3320 North Shields Rd. Fort Collins, CO 80524. 

  • 11:00 am break for quick lunch

  • 12:00 pm assemble gear and proceed into the pool

  • 4:00 pm disassemble gear. End of day 1



  • 7:30 am meet at our location: 3320 North Shields Rd. Fort Collins, CO 80524.

  • 11:00 am break for quick lunch

  • 12:00 pm assemble gear and proceed into the pool

  • 3:30 pm disassemble gear, 200-yard swim, and 10-minute float test.

*** if anyone needs extra time, we will stay a bit later and work on your skills with you.***

Available Dates for Weekend Group Class

Dates are subject to change without a notice, unless you are already signed up for a class

2024 Class & Pool

  • Jan. 6-7, 2024

  • Feb. 3-4, 2024

  • Mar. 2-3, 2024

  • Apr. 6-7, 2024

  • May 11-12, 2024

  • Jun. 1-2, 2024

  • Jul. 6-7, 2024

  • Aug. 3-4, 2024

  • Sep. TBD

  • Oct. TBD

  • Nov. TBD

  • Dec. TBD

Certification on a Trip

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