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Caribbean Scuba Travel

S C U B A   T R A V E L


You have heard the stories, now it is time to be part of the legend


We search high and low, for the best diving destinations around the world, and go the extra mile to bring you the best value. CSDA travel is not just another "cookie-cutter" trip.  We always look for add-ons and special opportunities to make your dive trip unique.  That is why even if you travel to the same destination, your trip might look a bit different the next time around.

We plan GROUP TRIPS where you'll be traveling as a part of a group and share the underwater and top-side adventure with other fellow divers. If you want to travel alone but don't feel comfortable planning it yourself, then we can help you plan and book a PRIVATE TRIP that will be tailored to your needs, to enjoy with family and loved ones. It is so rewarding and fun to get certified in the ocean, but unfortunately living in a landlocked state makes it impossible.  For that reason, a few times a year, we plan a CERTIFICATION TRIP to the Island of Cozumel, MX. These trips are only 5 days long and designed in a way that you can do your certification dives in the ocean. "Certification Trips" include the price of the Open Water Diver Course and the trip. The availability of our trips is listed on this page below. To book your trip, please call or text us at: 970-286-0072

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