Scuba Challenge 

This is your chance to get in the water every month and get some instructions and help with scuba skills.


Scuba Challenge is our way of giving back to you, for your support, belief, and trust in Colorado Scuba Diving Academy.  

It is an affordable chance to get together with other divers, to get into the water and take part in some "challenges" (which we will present you with) that will press your underwater and buoyancy skills, and to enjoy swimming underwater in the huge and deep EPIC pool. 


All challenge days will be communicated through our Facebook page and email newsletter so make sure to LIKE us on Facebook and/or sign up for our email newsletterUnless advertised otherwise, all challenge days will be held at Edora Pool and Ice Center (EPIC), every other Wednesday of every month.


We meet for briefing and hangout at 5 pm

In the water at 6 pm and out of the water by 8 pm



$22 Paid at pool front desk (EPIC or Mulberry)

Hi Kent,

Thanks for the feedback and good information on weighting. I tip my hat to you both for 

offering your scuba challenge sessions and 

helping newer divers like myself (I first got certified at age 12, but got recertified 3 years ago) work on refining basic skills. The sessions last night were frankly humbling. I realize I have a long way to go with my buoyancy skills. I'm very comfortable when diving and moving forward - less so when "hovering," as Samuel had me try. I became acutely aware of how much my jacket-style BCD tends to raise my upper body rather than encouraging a horizontal position. A different style BCD may be in my future and I'd love to try one of your plate-style BCD's some time to see how much is buoyancy skill and how much is equipment - I'm guessing some of each. I'm also aware of how difficult my style of BC is to get on and off in the water - so much to tangle and twist.

By the way, on the weight note, towards the end of the pool session, I used the technique of going to the surface, inhaling fully, and deflating my BC to find my neutral buoyancy weight. I ended up taking out 4 pounds and ended up with 6 pounds as the sweet spot. Clearly, I've got work to do with learning to descend without the ballast of excessive weight and letting my exhalation do the work. Part of my reason for over-weighting is born of an experience where I became too positively buoyant at the safety spot of a dive due to the cylinder having less air. I could spend an hour just working on buoyancy and if you guys are ok with that, I may make that a focus until my next dive in February (Cozumel.)

I have to say I wonder how you guys can pull off all you offer at the low rate of $10. Frankly, I'd gladly pay twice that much for what you offer. Heck, I'd pay $30 for a session like that. I'm not wealthy, but say this because I think your sessions are worth more than what you charge and I'd like to see you guys be successful.



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